I am what I think you think I am.

The world today I see full of fakeness , Even the curve on the face. ๐Ÿค”?yaa you are thinking right I’m talking about smile.

In today’s life people can’t judge anybody who is real and who is fake. It’s so difficult to know the real side, even if you can judge easily than later on you might gona change our decision about that person Soo let’s start.

People don’t show their real side, YES never and it’s true , if No than you might me the luckiest one in this planet.

My experience and I personally believe that where we leave is full of fake people who always show their other side of their personality which they always want to show others, like what other people want to see good in you even if it’s fake ๐Ÿ˜ˆ.

The more you will think about them, the more you gonna confused. People might change their attitude, personalities and even their perception with time but they never want to show their real side to anybody.

A person will show their true face when they don’t need You anymore. If you think you Know them? think again

Based on my profile, what do you think who I am. Now let’s check your perception about me and I will tell you it’s real or fake.

I hope will like this page and if you want you can share your own experience with us on Real and fake in comment box.

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Dark Night

I love to ride horse, with the dark night ofcouse. The view of Garden at late night, look like screaming at dark night. The silence of Beach and the sound of scream, make me feel what is life? Light of moon give hope of Life, I want to go with that moon light, Go far as Mars to make bright, There should be my life and my choice.